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Wagner Research Laboratory located in Rogue River, Oregon, is dedicated to solving some of the major problems of the natural world and the universe. Our multiple research divisions have performed many experiments which imply new and unique answers for many of the hitherto unsolved problems in plant science and cosmology. Note that later observations have changed some of our earliest conclusions.

To Plant Division Page The plant division of Wagner Research Laboratory has experimentally found unique answers for the following questions:

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  1. How does a plant respond to gravity?
  2. What implements the macroscopic structure of plants?
  3. How do plants communicate with each other?
  4. How do plants interact with electric fields?
  5. Do Plants produce their own gravity like forces?
  6. Can one measure energy within plants?
  • Selected references
  • See the exciting article "A Plant's Response to Gravity as a Wave Phenomenon."
  • See the article "A Basis for a Unified Theory for Plant Growth and Development."
  • See the exciting 2007 article that adds proof of Wave theory.

    To Cosmology Division Page In the cosmology division we have found some interesting answers to the following:

      To Cosmology Division Page
    1. How did the solar system form and why does it stay together when chaos theory says it should have disintegrated long ago?
    2. What causes the sunspot cycle and the regular reversals of the sun's magnetic field?
    3. Why do planetary rings form and stay in place indefinitely?
    4. Why did the universe become lumpy and galaxies form?
  • A reprint of an exciting article entitled "All Pervading Waves Suggest Universal Control and Communication"
  • Also see the Physics Essays article "Waves in Dark Matter".
  • A 2001 article showing how other phenomena fit into the wave picture.
  • Proof of Waves in Dark Matter
  • Additional Proof of Waves in Dark Matter
  • Dark Matter Waves and Planetary Rings
  • Perhaps Gravitational Waves Do Not Exist
  • Evidence for Local Waves in Dark Matter
  • 1/f Noise and Dark Matter Waves in Trees, Samples, and Air
  • Experimental Results and Dark Matter Waves

  • To Dr. Wagner's Biography

    Dr. Ed Wagner was founder and owner of WRL and is an internationally known physicist. Dr. Wagner found data and theory that provide exciting new outlook on how plants work.

    Dr. Wagner's book 'Waves in Dark Matter'

    Dr. Wagner has authored a 200 page book (Waves in Dark Matter) that summarizes most of the early work at WRL.

    Science has long sought why the life and the universe seem to be self organizing. The book provides new data that demonstrate how this happens. This book shows why the solar system is stable with the planets and their satellites and rings being held in place by special forces that are demonstrated by their present organization. The book provides experiments that demonstrate that life and likely all nature communicate.

    The book provides many simple new experiments that almost anyone can do that demonstrate the ideas presented. Read about simple experiments that reveal incredible secrets about gravity. Also read about and do simple experiments that show how plants communicate. Read about how electric fields influence plant growth.

    Everything in the book is backed by repeatable experimental data or data taken from the objects discussed. The book presents much work that is not published elsewhere so if you are interested in pursuing any of the topics presented on this web site Waves in Dark Matter is indispensable.

    The book is priced at $31.95 plus shipping and handling ($4.97 in the U.S., $16.00 in Canada, and $18.00 elsewhere). To obtain books use Paypal account oedphd@gmail.com or check or money order (US funds) payable to Claudia Wagner sent to the following address:

    Wagner Research Laboratory
    %Claudia Wagner
    2902 Raywood Circle
    Grants Pass, Oregon 97527

    "Without a doubt a new and important chapter has been opened in the science of life."
    (about the book, Dr. Roger Taylor, Southampton, England.)

    Contact Wagner Research Laboratory at oedphd@gmail.com or at (541) 507-1539 for further information, article reprints or for Paypal.

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