Waves in Dark Matter

2011 APS April Meeting Presentation

2011 April Meeting Abstract

Proofs for waves in dark matter. Orvin E. Wagner, Wagner Research Laboratory. 1. Organization and Stability of the Solar System. 2. Penetration of matter. 3. Types of waves received and transmitted. 4. Organization of nature. 5. Wave velocity as a function of dark matter density on earth and elsewhere. One of the main unsolved problems is the stability of the solar system. Standing dark matter waves from the sun take care of this. Dark matter penetrates everything so do dark matter waves. The received signals are represented by long periods, which would be expected of low velocity waves. The organization of plants appears to be directly related to waves in dark matter and one can even see a relation to "dark energy". The wave velocities are inversely proportional to the square root of the density of dark matter. For example near 1.25 m/s on the sun's surface and close to 25 m/s in air on the earth's surface, and about 10 m/s on Uranus. In empty space where the dark matter density is very small the dark matter wave velocity would be very large. The solar cycle seems to be easily explained by dark matter oscillations in the sun with dark matter wave velocity near 1 m/s. Dark matter waves seem to explain many phenomena that have not been explained adequately so far.


1) I have published a 1999 article in Physics Essays explaining how the planets and satellites of planets of the solar system are stabilized by dark matter standing waves from the sun. It has been a longtime problem as to how the solar system is stable. The standing waves from the sun take care of the problem. See the article on the website.

2) I have managed to send dark matter wave signals through my local hill. The transmitter was enclosed in a grounded aluminum box which the waves penetrated to start. The signal path was through about 100 m of air and 211 m of rock and earth. Shorter transmission distances were archived earlier

3) The dark matter wave signals seem to be modified by the matter penetrated. Apparently dark matter interacts more than just gravity as has been assumed so far. In my opinion it would be a "waste" for something in nature to just interact with gravity when organization and other functions are required.. These include the organization of plants and other operations such as organizing, maintaining the solar system, and the solar cycle and likely having much to do with organizing the universe. One might expect dark matter waves to have much to do to organize the universe and have much to do with dark energy as dark matter expands with the velocity of the dark matter waves inversely proportional to the density of dark matter.

4) I have spent many years studying the organization of plants, which I concluded early were organized by dark matter waves. There have been problems with plant organization in spacecraft. I believe many of the problems have to do with turbulence in dark matter. Of course so far, elsewhere, the in space problems have all been explained in terms of lack of gravity.

5) Dark matter waves on earth travel horizontally at about 25 m/s with the velocity inversely proportional to the square root of the dark matter density. I say horizontally because I have not made a vertical measurement on earth except in trees. On the sun's surface the vertical velocity is calculated as1.25 m/s because the dark matter density is large. The dark matter density far above the earth would be expected to less due to a smaller gravitational field and the wave velocity thus greater but still relatively small. I am suggesting that the dark matter wave velocity is not limited to the speed of light, so in extremely low density dark matter the wave velocity might approach infinity as in nearly empty space. I am working on finding a relationship between dark matter waves and gravity which plants seem to suggest.

6) Additional comments. It is intriguing that branches bend up radically in plants with large vertical to horizontal wave velocity ratios. I suggest that this may be due to acceleration from dark energy. I expect the dark matter wave theory to be confirmed again by the many dark matter identification experiments that are now in progress.

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