Waves in Dark Matter

The Solar Cycle

Almost everyone has heard of the 11 year sunspot cycle. Here we hypothesize another cycle. This cycle is indicated by the sunspot cycle but the sunspot cycle tends to be irregular because sunspots form by chance. We call this new cycle the solar cycle because we believe it to be a more regular cycle produced by oscillations of W-waves in the sun. The waves in the sun are very slow moving waves traveling at about 1 m/s. In fact the radius of the sun in meters is equal to twice 11 years in seconds! Apparently the complete cycle is really about 22 years. The speed of the waves compares favorably with the speed of W-waves that we found inside and outside of plants. Apparently the sun radiates W-waves into space from its equator. These waves travel away from the sun speeding up as they get farther away from the sun (see the equations in the article Waves in Dark Matter) acting as though they are reflecting back on themselves with the formation of a standing wave. This has much to do with the placement of planets (see the Stability of the Solar System). See the abstract at the end of "Structure in theVaccum." The dark matter waves I hypothesize as being put out by the sun and gaseous planets etc. might be similar to sound waves echoing through the solar system.


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