Waves in Dark Matter

Evolutionary Theory

The second law of thermodynamics states that a closed system that is left to itself cannot of itself become more organized as time passes. Order changing to disorder is an accepted rule of physics. Life's development appears to be an exception to this rule. In matter, quantum mechanics with quantum waves, provides an exception to the rule. The rules of quantum mechanics provide a template for the organization of matter. At Wagner Research we have found that there are also templates for the development of life. W-waves, gravity and genotypes provide discrete values for internodal spacings. Also they provide discrete angles, for stem growth in plants, for example, with respect to the gravitational field. Frequencies provide discrete parameters for cell development. Discrete rules probably apply to all plant microscopic structures. We don't know all the rules yet, but measurements and experiments demonstrate that they are present. W-waves also seem to provide constraints on the development of, and provide continuing order for the solar system as well as the universe (see the cosmology page) so that almost everything is covered by quantum mechanical type rules which permit what might be called violations of the second law. See Waves in Dark Matter for more details. The whole universe is self organizing.

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